About Us




Bevadore is an online tea shop with an aim to help you live beautifully.

No matter what may be going on, carving out “me time” with a cup of tea offers us an opportunity to add some luxe to our daily routines; indulge our senses, pause with friends, uplift our spirits, inspire deeper connections, prepare for the bliss of sleep.


At Bevadore Tea Shop we create feminine-inspired loose-leaf tea blends and teaware sets to appeal to today’s modern woman with the intention to assist in mindfully creating time to rejuvenate and relax.


Our bespoke tea blends use only the finest ingredients to create luxurious experiences that can be delighted in daily. Our range of loose-leaf blends come in a bevy of flavors, handcrafted and sourced with our wellbeing and modern palates at the center of their creation.


We invite you to journey into your own sacred space and discover your favorite Bevadore Blends in our Tea Shop.


Your “me time” awaits…




Have a tearific day!




















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