Hey Gorgeous! 


Welcome to our Gifting studio!

Thoughtfully curated gifts in pretty and stylish boxes to celebrate beautiful moments in life. Made with love for you or for your loved ones.

If you are popping into Bevadore, you are anything but traditional – but more than that? you don’t want the products in your life to be either.

We hand select beautiful products and accessories from brands you love as well as brands you’ve never heard of that add a special touch to day to day living as well as for those special occasions in life.






What we do

With a desire for make gifting more simple, effortless yet meaningful we offer ultra-premium gifts in stylish and pretty boxes filled with a selection of thoughtful, modern and fun items that can be sent directly to your door or to your loved ones.

Curated with you in mind, we fill our boxes with products ranging from makeup, skincare, stationery, coffee, tea, and just about any other fabulous products that are uniquely tailored to your tastes. So whether you’re indulging yourself or sending them to someone, we hope you fall in love with your goodies and that they inspire you to go after the life you love!


  • Shop our selection of curated gifts or build your own box and add a personal message to be handwritten or leave it blank, add your address or recipient’s address and we will do the rest.
  • If you have a large gift order to make for your event, wedding or corporate, we can create a custom box for you. Just shoot us a mail at [email protected]
  • You can visit the lifestyle shop if you are looking to purchase single items and have them delivered to your door.




Bevabox delivers a box of happiness to your door every month! Are you craving something special? Do you like the idea of receiving a monthly or seasonal package that is filled with a mix of goodies that are not only fun but meaningful? Then you’d wanna get a BEVABOX and thank us later.




Our Story

Gifts of purpose, for moments, that matter

Would you believe, we actually started off as a clothing boutique. oh, yeah! we were a clothing boutique a little while ago. We had so much love for creativity and designs and soon realized that our passion was not in the clothing sector but more in a sector where we could combine our love for creativity, designs, photography, flowers, and products! We love shopping and finding out about all the latest products, gadgets and designs out there and we needed an outlet to share this love.

So we went from a clothing store to a lifestyle store which was fantastic as we were able to offer modern, fun and stylish lifestyle pieces. We had a lot of customers requiring the ease and simplicity of being able to pick up gorgeously curated boxes due to chaotic schedules and lifestyles, busy mamas and boss ladies and so Bevadore was born.

We rebranded in 2018 from Retail Therapy Online to Bevadore and we haven’t looked back since. All our boxes are carefully and thoughtfully created to ensure that you receive the best! We create our boxes for you to either enjoy it by yourself or for you to gift to your loved ones.

We hope our boxes brings you as much joy and fun as we had putting it together.

Have a lovely day!






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