If you are popping into Bevadore, you are anything but traditional – but more than that? you don’t want the products you surround yourself with to be either.

Founded in Lagos Nigeria, Bevadore is a lifestyle brand for girl bosses, game changers, risk takers, big dreamers and stationery lovers.


Are you a girl boss? Do you run your empire from your desk that looks more drab than fab? Between the empty coffee/tea cups, paper everywhere and the dying flowers, we totes get it! As a busy modern girl, we love to see you succeed so we focus on curating stylish pieces and goodies that represent your unique style and inject little pleasures into your life.  Because we know how much more productive you are when you are surrounded by AH-MAZING products!


We search for gorgeous stationery and decor pieces (and a few treats!) from all our favourite designers and brands around the world that truly stand out and help you style your home, office, and party.



We are a small team of go-getters, working hard to deliver a small collection of high-quality products. Since opening up, we have kept learning and perfecting every part of our business to give you the best whenever you visit us online.


We hope shopping Bevadore brings you as much joy and fun as we have in curating our offerings for you.


Have a lovely day!




















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