Hey there!

If you are popping into Bevadore, you are anything but traditional – but more than that? you don’t want the products you surround yourself with to be either.


Bevadore is an online shop curating a selection of inspiring modern stationery, office supplies, and chic accessories from local and international brands.


Because we know how much more productive you are when you are surrounded by AH-MAZING products, we set out to create an online shop for beautiful paper goods and accessories that not only make your workspace prettier but also helps you to be in a better and more inspired mood so you can happily apply your best self into your work.

Yes, you are busy getting stuff done, but we want you to have fun and look good as you achieve a happier, organised and more productive workday.



We hope shopping at Bevadore brings you as much joy and fun as we have in curating our offerings for you.


Have a lovely day!




















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