I believe one thing we can all agree on is that desk job can be boring and monotonous and it’s one of the few reasons why we all look forward to Fridays; when we can let our hair down, come alive and look forward to a fun-filled weekend.
It can really be a struggle to keep a positive mindset at all times, especially if your desk is lacking in personal touch, but little messages of hope can help turn a boring day to a good one; and it really doesn’t matter if you have a whole office to yourself, a desk space or a cubicle.

No one is ever exempted from needing a few words of encouragement to get through a difficult assignment, project, meeting, or just making it to the end of the work day.
So, for those days when the clock seems to be moving backwards slowly and your space is looking extra grey, we have some pick-me-ups that can adorn your desk in a chic decorative manner and turn your cubicle to ‘Chicbicle’.

The right accessories are the key to making an engaging workspace. And when choosing accessories, select items that reflect and balance your sense of style, stir your heart, make you smile and serve a function. Everything should serve a purpose, and everything should be as pretty as possible! Keep that mantra in mind when considering knick knacks for your workspace.

Here are some of our favorite bossbabes items to influence the overall look and feel of a workspace.

1. A chic planner


If you are going to be working, no matter what your job is, you need a planner! I know everyone has a phone or email calendar, but to me, nothing compares to having things written down and penciled in. I can see my month and my week laid out before my eyes at a glance. I have found this to be the best way to keep my life up to date; and having a cute planner doesn’t hurt, right?



2. Coffee table books


You don’t need to overwhelm your desk with huge piles of books, personally, I select a few of my favorite colorful ones to add a decorative accent to my desk. They are also books that when I need to tune-out and rest my buzzing brain, I can pick up and just read.



3. Inspirational quote or art

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk, you want to look at images that inspire you. You can have them as a screen saver, on a frame sitting on your desk or hanging on the wall. Ensure it is placed at your focal point.



4. Lighting

A lot of time is spent in the evening hours writing reports, posts, sending emails, researching products, etc. and it just doesn’t make sense squinting and giving yourself wrinkles in the process. Invest in a great lamp and give your eyes a break.



5. Tools – pencils/pens, sticky notes

Well, you need actual writing utensils and office accessories! I prefer mine to be classy…of course! I like to stick my pencils & pens in fun cups and decorative holders.


6. A very comfortable chair

What’s a desk without a comfortable chair? You need to be relaxed and extremely comfortable when you are building your empire. Get a seat that is padded, so working long hours won’t be a problem. Make sure your chair is as comfortable as you can get. Adding a throw pillow is not a bad idea and it can also help support your back as well.



As you can see, a few simple changes and additions can really change the whole outlook of your workspace.
Whether you’re a working gal or a full-time mom, it’s important to create a beautiful, inspiring, and organized workspace. With the right setup, even dreary tasks can be more enjoyable, making you happier and more productive.


Tell me, what other unique office accessories do you use to perk up your office?