Theres something about the good old paper and pen. Even though there are many digital tools for note taking, journalling, planning and so on, the paper and pen is still the easiest tools to quickly write down your plans, lists, thoughts, dreams, goals and everything else. I have always been a paper and pen kinda girl and I love the beautiful colours, designs and styles of paper goodies. Are you a stationery lover too? Here are some everyday stationery staples for your everyday use.


img_8017Theres no doubt today’s woman is always busy, always on the move and always thinking of the next this or that. Stationery are good for your to do lists. you can use sticky notes or to-do list pads or a simple notebook to quickly write down your to dos. These are great because you can see everything you’ve got to do in one place and they’re usually compact enough to take with you everywhere.


img_8008If you like to stay organised then planners are a life saver. You can plan and schedule your life to keep you on track and accomplish your goals. You can have a personal planner/diary and or a work planner so you can keep your work and life schedules separate or you can have one panner to do both. There are different kinds of diaries and they can be as plain as you like or as detailed as you like.


fashion-printed-journalWhether they’re A4 or A5, you just can’t beat a good notebook. They are so simple and easy you could have notebooks for various things. You can use them to quickly brainstorm ideas or record information.


notes-to-do-blue-stripeThe desk planner is the perfect way to stay on top of a busy work life. It’s a notepad that you keep on your desk with your to-do list on. it can be very handy to have one especially if its a pretty one It can help you to keep better control of your tasks and improve your productivity.


2 Ballpoint PensI love pens. Its so weird but interesting. I tend to judge a pen by its colour, look and shape. I always have to test them out before I buy them because I have to like how my writing looks in that particular pen colour. Pens are a great tool to have in your bag all the time. They are a great way to stay organised and ready to sign anything on the go. They come in different colours, style and shapes. I recently started loving the erasable pens. They are a delight! Now my planners and notebooks always looks neat and clean.


I especially love the coloured pencil. They look so chic and pretty for your everyday use. Mistakes are a thing of the past as you can easily rub them off and start again. They are also good to draw out your ideas.