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Hey Gorgeous, today I’ll be taking you through some of our lovely fashion statements we are giving away at a highly discounted prices, just because you mean the world to us and we want you to slay always.


1. The Bandage Skirt

Talking about the bandage collection, we all know this is one of the most trendy fashion items now in this part of the world, and it ranges from the bandage dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and even blouses. But hey, we have this lovely piece going for just #2,500. This outfit is ideal for work, evening outings, etc. Available in different colors.
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2. The Sequin Skirt

Do you want to be the life of the party, then this piece is for you!!!! Don’t you just love that feeling when you walk into a gathering and you’ve got everyone staring and heads rolling like WOW…. Easy peezy with this bespoke outfit, and enter that disco hall feeling like a superstar. And guess what …. It’s going for just #2,000, so tell me what are you waiting for????
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3. The Print Playsuit

Where are my playsuit lovers at? Picture pretty and you’ll probably (definitely!) pick out the playsuit. Effortlessly easy to wear, the ethnic print playsuit is every babe’s dream and a bowler hat’s best friend. But don’t be fooled – the all in one has bags of attitude! From pretty petals by day and punk-inspired PU by night, the playsuit is totally transitional. Selling at a discounted price of #2,500.
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4. Pink Disney Princess Costume Dress

Mama mia! This lovely princess dress is going for a giveaway price of just a N1, 000. Let your baby girl be the fairy princess she already is, in this silk polka dot Disney princess dress. Imagine her in tiara and a wand plus the perfect matching shoes…Muah!
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5. Ballerinas Pumps

This velvet ballerina pumps with its bow detail is ideal for every baby girl as it is as gorgeous and as comfortable as it can get. Pamper and surprise your baby girl with this gorgeous shoe as Christmas is fast approaching. It can be paired with the pink princess Disney. Available for just N1,000.
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6. The Maxi Dress

ss6Combine comfort and epic cuteness with this maxi dress. As we all know maxi dresses are also known as the go-to-dress, if styled properly you can wear it to any occasion and still look chic. We have this beautiful cream colored with embroidery details selling for #6,000.

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7. Gold Strappy Heel Sandals

ss7A black Sandal is a must have for every lady, and you do not have to break a bank to own one. Get this beautiful sandal for #6,000.
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There you have it, we have more beautiful items in the store so feel free browse through and take advantage of the ongoing sales and shop till you’re satisfied, and you can Thank me later……….